Wedding Show

On duty all day yesterday at the Wedding Show at Ingliston. As before, we were the only Church who had a stand. It is interesting to watch people’s reactions when they pass by and see the name ‘Scottish Episcopal Church’. Most almost get whiplash averting their eyes and becoming terribly interested in something else. I wonder what they think we might do to them? Raspberry Rabbit was very good at shouting hello to everyone who passed and engaged many people in conversation whether they wanted it or not! He was even seen at one point wearing a tiara!

However, it was not all doom and gloom. Some were surprised and delighted to see us there and indeed a few contacts were made. Many questions about whether we’d marry folk in castles, hotels, etc which brought about fruitful conversations. Some folk even came just to stroke Fr Jeremy’s copes. Sadly, unlike a certain Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow, I was not invited on to the Cat Walk to have my photo taken with two male models. Maybe next time…

We did a Survey asking people what their favourite wedding hymns and I am awaiting the final results after today’s Show. It was an interesting exercise, to say the least.  We had a list to choose from and it would appear that the majority of folk who don’t go to church will choose a hymn they remember from school assembly, whether it is suitable for a wedding or not.  Give Me Oil In My Lamp was a popular choice. Of course, when the Church of England did this survey recently Amazing Grace came out top which was a surprise to me as I’ve only ever had it at funerals. So far it is looking like Love Divine All Love’s Excelling is ahead but we shall have to wait and see. But I’m afraid that Bind us In Leather,  sorry, Bind Us Together was a close contender.

(And I didn’t touch one piece of wedding cake, nor imbibe in a cocktail, unlike my two compatriots.)

Raspberry Rabbit & Fr Jeremy at the Wedding Show

Raspberry Rabbit & Fr Jeremy at the Wedding Show

Fr Jeremy at Wedding Show

Fr Jeremy at Wedding Show

And sorry, girls, not to have a photo of the lovely Fr J’s legs in a kilt!

OK, by popular demand… if it works…



8 thoughts on “Wedding Show

  1. You know Ruth, you only had to ask and I would have come with my finest gear on and bagpipes in hand, attracting people to your stand with fine music !!! I have improved a lot you know…maybe next year you will send me an invite and I can play a selection from my new book hymns for the bagpipes (they tend to be funeral hymns, but i could make them more upbeat !)

  2. There were a few pipers there touting their services but none who actually played. Good to hear you have improved. How I remember those chanter practises in the Tisec flat… aaagggghhhh!

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