Let down

Whilst waiting in the hospital yesterday a Consultant swished by looking very important. He had on a bow tie which gave him a certain look of authority and perhaps intimidation. Then I noticed his shoes and the facade crumbled. Down-at-hell and unpolished. It just won’t do. Doesn’t he know how important shoes are?


6 thoughts on “Let down

  1. Doesn’t it go to prove that you should check out the whole person not just the top half? Strange that people don’t clean and polish their shoes anymore, it always used to be a job for Sunday afternoon ready for school on Monday.

  2. I always cleaned my shoes specially well on Tuesday after school before going to Brownies. My grandmother (a clergyman’s daughter) and my father (formerly a petty officer in the Royal Navy) set the standard for clean and polished shoes very high. I still keep one of those shiny pads in the car just in case. The car’s generally filthy, but my shoes are clean.

  3. Oh I too am a great believer in shiny shoes. Used to do them for Brownies and remember Dad’s box coming out last thing at night.

    But remember! clergy shoes should always be black!

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