Heard at the hairdressers

I was chatted to the lovely Gabby as she restored my hair to full purpleness, as you do, and I mentioned that the upcoming Wedding Fair at Ingliston had prompted this need to look half decent. She seemed surprised that our Church was taking a stand at the Wedding Fair and I told her of the success last year when it was at the SECC in Glasgow. After all, we are the Church who likes to say Yes! And in these dark days of the credit crunch why spend a fortune on an expensive venue for your wedding when your local church may be considerably cheaper, if not free?

At this point I drifted off into planning mode for said Fair until I was alerted by Gabby saying the name ‘Kelvin’ and ‘make-up for weddings’. What?!  Is our beloved Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow doing a sideline in making up brides to look gorgeous? I mean, I know we aren’t paid terribly well but I hadn’t realised things were so bad.  I could just see him with his big make-up box on wheels, brushes in hand, gold cope around shoulders, adding a hint of blusher with a flourish. What a brilliant idea!  What a package we could offer. Come to Church an hour or so early for your wedding and we shall take care of all your needs: face, hair, flowers, and a prayer to set you up for the day ahead. What do you think?

Btw, the ‘Kelvin’ was not our Provost after all, but the boyfried of X, another hairdresser.

PS The Wedding Fair is at Ingliston next Saturday and Sunday 7th & 8th February. I shall be on duty on the Saturday all day.


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