20 thoughts on “Mrs Beamish

  1. I have one entire congregation of Mrs B’s…I have even tried playing the song to them, to no avail. They truly see the Peace as an infringement of their personal freedom to ignore their neighbour!!!!

  2. I have successfully converted someone through Mrs B.

    A woman who returned to the church after many years away recognized in herself the desire for it to be ‘just the way it was’. She fell in love with Mrs B and it allowed her to laugh at herself enough to join in (even if she still doesn’t like it).

  3. Our worst Mrs Beamish is male and 22 years old.

    In some justification of people who don’t like sharing the peace: I used to find its position in the service terribly intrusive just at the point when I felt all my concentration should be focussed on God. I’ve come round to it and now miss it when in a church where they just mutter “and with thy spirit” or “and also with you”, but I would still prefer sharing the peace either at the beginning or the end of the service or even both so that it is a promise of what we are all going to experience together or an acknowledgement of what we have just shared. That’s probably not very well put, but I know what I mean, and hope you understand that too.

  4. Lissa, I think the positioning of it in the middle of the service is scriptural. You know that bit about making peace with your neighbours before coming the altar. Well, something like that anyway!

    I never see the point of it at the beginning when folk have just 2 minutes before been shaking hands and saying Good Morning.

  5. Sage, I remember some old lady saying to me that church was the only place she ever had contact (got touched, if you know what I mean!) any more. So when people grumble about the Peace I always think of her rejoicing in it.

  6. Ahhh. Love it! I first heard this song a good many years in Brazil, via an Anglican Bishop.

    In Brazil, the peace involves about 10 minutes of kissing everyone in church with everyone being genuinely joyful with it, so I remember feeling a bit homesick hearing this!

  7. Hi Kathleen,

    did you ever find the sheet music? I would like to perform this at our Homecoming Sunday entertainment time – we’ve plenty of Mrs B’s too in the Anglican Episcopal Church here in Frankfurt!

    best wishes
    Jane (trying on hats and handbags already!)

  8. I have been ‘performing’ this for a few years for organist friends but learned it by ‘ear’ from Stilgoe & Skellern’s CD ‘A Quiet Night out’ after seeing them preform it in Dublin.I will attempt to write out a useable manuscript version – every church I have ever played in has at least one Mrs Beamish but it’s at its most dreadful when the split is 50/50
    Philip Lawton
    St. Audoen’s Anglican Church.

  9. did anyone ever get hold of “Mrs Beamish”? I would like to perform it at a church function so if anyone has it could they send me a copy.

  10. Despite several attempts to write a workable score for Mrs. Beamish I have unfortunately failed. Stillgoe & Skellern – rather like a Mrs. Beamish – have defeated me, I’m afraid. Apologies to all who have been hoping for more fun with this.

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