Holiday snaps

Just back from a few days R&R at Langwoodbarn, the home of the beloved Patsy, somewhere deep in a valley miles from anywhere and Peebles.  It snowed. There was no TV, no Radio, no music – just peace and quiet and sheep. Bliss! Well, bliss for a few days. We extroverts can only cope with such silence in very small doses.  And I did get a bit panicked that it might freeze and I’d never get out. So I came home. But I am still on holiday and now the serious reading begins.

Here are some photos. The wonderful thing about this vista is that it is constantly changing.







4 thoughts on “Holiday snaps

  1. I am still mulling over the idea of somewhere isolated being referred to as

    “…miles from anywhere and Peebles…”

    It has a certain ring to it. Like ‘hell’s half-acre’ or “timbuktu”


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