Laying on of hands

Now, the church laptop has a virus. You can’t Google unless you speak Chinese. I don’t know where it came from and why the anti-virus stuff didn’t do its work. So if you could all virtually lay hands upon it then maybe it will get better. Son #2, who knows nothing about computers, has taken it away so a friend can have a look at it. I am not holding out much hope. Bah.

Are you doing it? Are you? Hands out and pray very hard.


9 thoughts on “Laying on of hands

  1. Microsoft had an update before christmas. It appears at an earlier update they had left systems exposed to all sorts of nastys, try the Microsoft Security Centre for downloads.
    Happy New Year from auchenshuggle

  2. Interesting theological point: with the laying on of hands must the recipient also have faith or at least a soul? With any human being – even one who until that point has expressed doubts or even atheism – there is a good likelihood, and I would like to believe that cats and dogs have a soul of some kind . . . but a laptop? So my hands are metaphorically there, but without a great deal of conviction.

  3. Always, always Firefox. If you put the URL address in then it works but no good for just Googling. It is a proper virus so will have to be healed of that.

    And I do think that computers have souls. Don’t you?

    No, Kirstin’s blog is blocked to me too.

  4. Computers have minds of their own, does this necessarily mean they have a soul?

    However, I’m more than willing to pray for it’s healing.

    (And, I’m also blocked from Kirstin’s blog…)

  5. I can offer the following if you think it may help, not free but a small charge to my own good catholic charity…

    Holy Water from Lourdes, Fatima and the shrine of our Lady of Norfolk to sprinkle


    Nice smelly oil to anoint


    blessed petals from a shrine to St Rita .. lovely rose ones, not cheap, cost a fortune in donations…..

    you know where I am if you want me !!!

  6. It is a miracle! It worked. The laptop is now British and no longer speaks Chinese. Thank you for laying on of hands, prayers, petals. Alleluia!

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