Happy New Year

I’ve done the ironing which has been lying for some considerable time (bedding is always a nightmare). I’ve tidied the study and put away all the things that came back from church during the big tidy there. I’ve hoovered around. The washing machine and dishwasher have done their stuff in a noisy manner.  All because Granny said that you had to have a tidy house when the New Year came in.

I must confess that I don’t get too excited about New Year these days. Gone are the days of trekking to The Tron and sitting on a bus shelter counting down the seconds to midnight then snogging anyone that passed on the way home.  Gone are the days of squeezing into overpacked pubs, of booking a taxi in August to take you to a party in far flung places just because they have a balcony where you get a really good view of the fireworks.  Gone are the days of sitting with my year’s worthof journals to reflect on the year past for the Blog has taken place of the journals.  No, those days are long gone.

Last night saw me struggling to keep my eyes open until midnight so I could phone my sister to wish her Happy Birthday. Quick call from Son #2 who sounded very happy, and a text to Son #1 who is AWOL as ever. Not even a dry sherry passed my lips before I scampered off to bed with my book.

And now I’m off to celebrate a certain Someone’s circumcision.  Happy New Year folks.


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year!

    I’ve had a big clean and tidy up too, all because Gran, and my great aunts always insisted on a clean and tidy house for new year.

    I think they’d all be kind of pleased with us!

  2. You disappoint me! I don’t do much about celebrating new year, but I always assumed all Scots put their hearts into mega celebrations. Many years ago, long before I was old enough to join them, my parents always went with friends to the Grimsby Caledonian Society party which they said spoiled them for any lesser celebrations.

  3. Ah Lissa, those days are long gone. You can’t get into the centre of Edinburgh unless you have bought an expensive ticket for the Fireworks and Concert. It is all so commercialised now. And gone are the days of wandering from house to house – everyone is too frightened. Too flipping cold to walk anywhere when you have asthma and what’s the point in driving when you can’t drink? I guess I’ve got old!

  4. Happy New Year… Ruth you are so sensible. stay in give thanks for central heating and think of all the daft folk who paid a fortunte to freeze on Princes St.

    I like you tucked up early, but not before and early supper out where the temp. here dropped to -22 and i was so cold….. It was a sign from God, go home, wrap up warm and laugh at the folk outside…

    Oh an no one came first footing here, just as well think i would have been afraid to open the door to a stranger wanting a dram and offering a coin and bit of coal !!

  5. Happy New Year, St T, and good to hear from you. Remember when you brought your own heater to that retreat on Cumbrae? I presume you have one permanently by your side in Canada!

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