Christmas highs and lows

Over at Kelvin’s Blog you can see his highs from Christmas this year. What were mine?  Well thank you for asking.

Firstly, it must be the crowds (over 60 adults and a host of children) who turned up for our afternoon Crib Service on Christmas Eve. The majority had never been through the doors before (which necessitated a quick trip to the Off Licence to get more wine to add to the mulled wine pot).

That brings me to one of the lows – the fact that I hadn’t prepared something better for my slot after the play.  But still not regretting ditching the Christingles (thanks to Kelvin again) as we would never have guessed that many children.

Next high was the theme tune to Harry Potter being played softly as people gathered for the Nativity Play. It really did give the impression that something magical was about to take place.

Another high has been our Scottish Crib. This really has captured the imagination of all who have visited. Children run to crouch down in front of it with their friends, pointing out all the Scottish artefacts and giggling at the Caganer. Adults smile and get a quick pic with their mobile phone cameras.

My last high has to be the music. Our new choir stunned us with some beautiful new carols at the Lessons and Carol service. There was a momentary fear that we wouldn’t have a choir for Midnight Mass but in the end we did and that verse with descant of our final hymn, O Come all Ye Faithful, always brings a tear to my eye. Just glorious.

And let’s not forget our afternoon concert by Philomusica and Wendy Weatherby’s wonderful music from A Scots Quair.

And the last low? Only that so many people missed it this year because of the nasty viruses doing the rounds.

Thank you to all who helped prepare the church, who cleaned and decorated and replaced candle upon candle. Thank you to all who served at the Altar, who handed out books and welcomed visitors, who prepared food and wine and washed up after, who folded and stapled hundreds of service sheets, who worked and rehearsed and cajoled the children, who brought Scottish offerings for the baby Jesus, and to those who just turned up – a big THANK YOU.


3 thoughts on “Christmas highs and lows

  1. You know, for all that I joke about having a congregation full of Hermiones (someone once found us with the search string ‘Holy Trinity for homework’), and despite using Erised to lead teenage girls through meditations, I have never thought about a Harry Potter Mass.


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