Lessons and poems and carols

There is always a brief moment for clergy when they think that nobody is going to turn up for an extra service.  It is blowing a gale outside, the berries have been blown off the holly tree in the church garden, it is the third service of the day, some of the choir have pulled out, and it is dark outside and you are up against Lark Rise to Candleford. The choir have rehearsed some new carols, the candles are lit, the mulled wine is heating gently and the Scottish crib is now bulging with tartan goodies. 10 minutes to go and there is one family in the pews… even my readers haven’t turned up…

Have faith, little priest, have faith.

By the time we processed upstairs the church was almost full, the readers in place, and an air of anticipation was felt. An hour later there was such a buzz it was almost magical. This year we had a mix of scripture readings, poetry, prose and carols, of course. People who have never read before had a go and it was just bliss.

(And I have told K that she is to have that baby in the next 48 hours so we can have a live bambino for the Midnight service.)

Next stop: sermons, sermons, pew sheets, flowering of church and shopping. Phew!

9 thoughts on “Lessons and poems and carols

  1. I remember being dressed as Mary and holding a certain baby who was 2 months old at the time – not to mention the wrong gender… but you couldn’t see that for the swaddling clothes!
    Said baby balled her head off whilst posing in a nativity tableau at the Good Shepherd, thanks to the kind invitation and nomination of a certain Dean, way back in 1989.
    K has my sympathy! not to mention good wishes of course for a safe and happy delivery.

  2. BTW… Carols… at St Mark’s? On 21st december… what is teh world coming to, this could be the end of civilisation as we know it,
    Our choir did a lovely anthem yetserday, Simon Lindley’s Ave Maria – they do it occasionally and I always enjoy it.

  3. “As soon as the 4th Sunday of Advent is over then we are in to the Octave of Christmas” Nice try but I’m pretty sure the Octave of Christmas starts on Christmas Day??

    However my own opinion is that not singing carols at all in Advent is just a bit precious in this day and age and off-putting to people who wander into church and wonder what on earth is going on. I see no harm in the odd carol so long as its clear in normal services that we are still in Advent. So if you can justify it to yourself you don’t have to justify it to me!

  4. Yes, when I said ‘Octave of Christmas’ it is that mythical period between sunset on Advent 4 and Christmastide. It works for me!

    Just out of interest, Mother K, which ones do YOU keep till midnight?

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