A Scottish crib

This morning saw the premier performance of the Nativity Play by our Junior Church. No photos I’m afraid, for Child Protection issues, but believe me it was a very moving experience. We had sound effects, parents in their jammies, Postman Pat, crazy shepherds chasing sheep, angels galore, and a most beautiful Mary and Joseph.  You can catch a repeat performance on Christmas eve at 4pm.

A few faithful volunteers stayed behind to decorate the crib and make it Scottish, following our theme this year of contextualising Christmas. Not all the gifts are in place yet, but if you look closely you will see a few Highland coos, Nessie, puffins, a neep, Irn Bru, shortbrea, Lees macaroon bars and Tunnocks teacakes. Forget the gold, incense and myrrh! We know what we like here in Scotland.

A Scottish Crib scene

A Scottish Crib scene

And if you look very closely in the front right corner you might even find a Scottish Caganer!  Following the Catalonian tradition of hiding a little man crouching down have a poo, to show that Christ’s birth affects all humanity, we have followed in that great tradition.  Here he is in glorious close-up…

Scottish caganer

Scottish caganer

Scottish Caganer (rear view)

Scottish Caganer (rear view)

I see I may have to touch up my paintwork for close-ups!

Bet you don’t see another like it!

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