The Caganer

This Advent we have been looking at Christmas preprations around the world. We discovered the joy of the Caganer found in Catalonian and other nativity scenes. The Caganer (translates as ‘pooper’) is a small figure hidden somewhere in the nativity crouching down doing a poo. I think it is all to do with the humanity of Christ. But what fun!

Catalonian caganer

Catalonian caganer

Now, Caganers are made to look like famous people.

Pope Benedict caganer

Pope Benedict caganer

Bush caganer

Bush caganer

We’re hoping to have one in our Nativity this year but I’m not telling who it will look like. You can always guess…

4 thoughts on “The Caganer

  1. Well done, Ruth. I mentioned the possibility to our Sunday School superintendent here in Penicuik. She thought that it was inadvisable as the Rector would probably insist on a ‘live one next year’.

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