It’s yer ain tongue

Thanks to our Bishop’s Notices I have found the link to the Scots Language Centre where you can hear the Advent readings, and Christmas too, in yer ain tongue. Not sure I would have understood it all had I not know the story.


One thought on “It’s yer ain tongue

  1. Last year I found this carol translated into Scots (from The Gude and Godly Ballatis, the Mission Praise of the sixteenth century). Maybe we should sing it at next year’s carol service?

    In dulce jubilo,
    Now let us sing with mirthe & jo*
    Our hartis consolatioun lyis
    In principio.
    And schynis as the Sone,
    Matris in gremio,
    Alpha es & O, Alpha es & o.

    O Jesu per nule
    I thrist soir efter the,
    Confort my hart and mynde.
    O puer optime,
    God of all grace sa kynde,
    & princeps glorie,
    Trahe me post te, trahe me post te.

    Ubi sunt gaudia,
    In ony place bot thair:
    Quhair that the angelis sing,
    Nova cantica
    Bot and the bellis ring
    In regis curia
    God gif* I war thair,
    God gif I war thair.

    *Jo = joy
    gif = if

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