9 thoughts on “Christingle hymn

  1. I have found that where hymns are concerned that old fogies are born not made. I remarked to my nephew that I had been to a service at which the final hymn had been a modern one and thought it a shame that it had been given the organ treatment rather than guitars and hand-clapping. You would have thought I had suggested we indulge in the black mass from the reaction! He’s only 22. And he had the full support of his organist friend (not the organist at the service in question) who is in his sixties. I think of myself as something of a traditionalist, but what’s wrong with a bit of variety? How we worship shouldn’t be about any individual’s personal taste.

    I’m not convinced that the Amarillo Christimgle is entirely to my personal taste, but surely using popular music in this way has to be a good thing. The Christingle hymns I have heard previously have all been pretty dire, while this will at least be a good sing-along.

  2. I have to agree with Kelvin: Christingles are not my favourite services. I was told that they originated in Scandinavia, but when we had a Swedish rector she had never heard of them until she came to England. Any clues? By the way, oranges don’t have a waist, so tying that red sash round dozens of them is a nightmare!

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