Christmas songs

Kelvin was talking about one of his favourite Christmas carols – Jesus Christ the Apple Tree. I love it too – one of those which brings tears to the eye.

One which makes me laugh has the line ‘O pluck your cherry Mary.’ Once heard, you’ll be singing it all day. Or I have been known to sing just that line all day. Can’t remember what its called though.

But if you are looking for something different in the Christmas CD line (and yes, I know we are not listening to them YET) you should get Celtic Christmas from Brittany. I got a copy years ago in a shop in Edinburgh and it comes out every year and people always ask what it is. Beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Christmas songs

  1. It’s The Cherry Tree Carol. But is it not “Oh, eat your cherries, Mary”? (much more peremptory)..followed by “So Mary plucked a cherry..”

    Sorry – a lifetime of choir practices for Christmas!

  2. Ruth, I wasn’t arguing that it is sung at Christmas – it is also in the Penguin Book of Carols – but that, unlike the (manly Victorian) carols specific to Christ’s birth, it can be sung all throughout the year, as can many other of the more ancient carols which often contain a great deal of pagan nature worship imagery alongside the more specifically Christian content which itself often carries right through the story of Christ’s life.

    It always seems to me that if we are strict in observing Advent and don’t really get into the joyous celebrations until Christmas itself, we really only have a brief couple of weeks to enjoy our wonderful heritage of carols, and should maybe look closely at the words for those which are not so specific to Christmas.

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