Eat, Pray, Love in The Shack

So what have I been reading now that I have my peepers back in working order?

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything by Elizabeth Gilbert.

The hype around this book is immense if you are to believe the blurb. Every movie star is ‘buying it for all my friends’. Having read it, I can see why. It tells the story of the author’s search for harmony, peace of mind, contentment and God. The beginning is very amusing, set in Italy, and involves lots of food. It moves on to India where she learns meditation on an Ashram and finally to some island where she finally finds love. For me, the first half held great potential and was quite amusing, but I struggled to keep with her as her quest went on.

The Shack by Wm Paul Young

This is one of those books that everyone in churchy circles seems to be talking about. Thought I’d better read it before the questions began. It is the story of Mack whose daughter is abducted and murdered whilst on a camping holiday. Some time later Mack gets a letter from God (known as Papa) to go back to the Shack where the murder probably took place. The rest of the book is theology masquerading as the dialogue between Mack and Papa, Jesus and Sarayu. It is an easy read and I actually couldn’t put it down. I loved the image of Papa as a large black woman, although I understand the conservative Christians are not too keen on that part. If you want to learn about forgiveness and the Trinity in a delightful manner, then buy this book.


3 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love in The Shack

  1. Jeez,

    I started the book, raised my eyebrows and put it down. Now I’m finding that dozens of my parishioners have read it so I suppose I’ll have to finish it so as not to appear uninterested.

    I would say that “large black woman” has exactly the same foundation in truth as “old white man with beard” so the detractors can go and pound salt.


  2. Must be more than 15 years ago now, back when I was a student at London Bible College (as London School of Theology was then known) — someone said to me, “What’s God like?”

    I said, “She’s black.” Then I put it in our newsletter and quite a few people didn’t like it then either.

    Well done Mr Young for bringing it back!

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