Roadworks hells

There are 400 roadworks in Edinburgh at the moment but I read somewhere that they were suspending the tram works for the festive shopping season. They lied.

Today I managed a one hour visit with Dad and a two and a half hour journey across Edinburgh. It was hell, I tell you. Unfortunately I don’t have a good enough sense of direction to do a u-turn and wheekle down a side road to avoid the queues like the white-van-men do.  I certainly won’t be going into town again soon. It is shopping via internet for me.


6 thoughts on “Roadworks hells

  1. [sigh] I have to give myself 2 hours – 2 HOURS!! – to come in from the Borders for uni. Half the time I get in without a problem and it takes an hour, so I enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee before class. The other half the time, I find myself running up the Royal Mile to New College because the traffic is so backed up. I have an exam on Monday and I’m finding that even contemplating how early I should leave and how long it might take to get in to town is far more stressful than thinking about the exam itself. Edinburgh road works, I curse you. A thousand times over, I curse you. [sigh]

    (sorry to take over your blog for a rant, Ruth! Perhaps I’ll do a post of my own…)

  2. Took me 35 minutes to get from Manor Place to the top of Leith Walk (John Lewis end not Easter Road end) and overall 65 minutes to get from Manor Place to Musselburgh. It used to take 20. It has to be the train from now on.

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