Scottish Pride

I was reading the Big Issue in the loo today and came across an article entitled What is the Ultimate Scottish Icon?  What makes a national icon? Is it a flag, a person, a place or an idea? And what elevates it to iconic status?

Miss Scotland chose Bannockburn because she visited it and ‘had great fun trying out the weapons and learning about the history of Scotland’. Hmm.

Dougie Payne (?) of Travis chose Teenage Fanclub (?) (I really should get out more!)

Edwin Moore (Historian) chose Patrick Ferguson, that well known figure from the Enlightenment.

Vicky Lee, from STV’s Five Thirty Show, chose Billy Connolly because he makes her cry with laughter.

Jon Lawler (The Fratellis?) chose A Roll and pie (that’s a Scotch pie, presumably deep fried, on a roll. Tasty.

Irvine Welsh chose Sean Connery (be still my beating heart!)

Lorraine Kelly chose Irn Bru (preferably with a roll and sliced sausage for a hangover)

Boyd Tunnock (you can guess) chose Baxter’s Beetroot because no one else gives you that amount of vegetable at that quality. Quite.

So what or who is yours?

The Saltire?  The ‘See You Jimmy’ hat?  Nothing religious in the list so maybe we need something of a Scottish God in there.


14 thoughts on “Scottish Pride

  1. The view of the Forth Bridges from the plane as you come in towards Edinburgh… Maybe not an icon but instantly recognisable and makes me feel good whenever I see it.
    On the religious side then I suppose it has to be an Iona Cross and all the imagery invoked by that.

  2. Ruth, By Divine Providence Cardinal Archbishop and Metropolitan of St Andrews and Guardian of the Realm of Scotland on behalf of His Grace King Francis II of Scots, Heir-General of the House of Stuart.

  3. Sorry but it has to be whisky, nothing quite like a highland malt or one from the isles, but nowhere else does whisky quite taste as nice.


    ps – Sean Connery, that man could recite a telephone book and I would be stuck to my seat.

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