Need help reading Blogs?

One of the most heard comments I hear is “I’d like to, but I don’t have time to read all these Blogs”.  And of course if you were typing in each Blog URL then indeed it would take up most of your morning, even if you had them saved as your Favourites.

So think of this as a public information notice.  You can use FeedDemon to help you. It only takes a few minutes to set up and put your favourite Blogs or websites in to its search engine. (You can only use websites that have RSS somewhere on the page.) Then in the morning you just click on FeedDemon and all the updates will appear.No more searching through them all – they will be brought to you. Easy!

PS This is the Dummies guide so please forgive the non-technical language (which I don’t know anyway!)


2 thoughts on “Need help reading Blogs?

  1. I’m a google reader man myself, especially happy with the new redesign. But I agree, RSS needs to make its way into the mainstream more often.
    e.g. I was telling a friend that the youth news on the SEC website finally had an RSS feed so that we could spread that about only to get the reply:

    “RSS feed? In english-non-tech-speak please lol … I have no idea what that even means!”
    It pained me.

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