Alternative Advent

Well, Advent began with a frosty start and much de-icing. The church (and me!) looked beautiful bedecked in purple. The Advent wreath (purple, pink and white I’m afraid Kelvin) was resplendent with garden greenery. The knitted nativity set have started their journey to Bethlehem via the many window sills.

This Advent we are doing something slightly (very?) different by using some material from USPG called Born Among Us.  Each week we are exploring Advent and Christmas around the world with the help of pictures (already on acetates for you), hymns, crafts to make for children, and stories.

Yesterday we looked at Europe and our theme was God in the Everyday. Nativity scenes often included characters from the local village or town in amongst the shepherds and kings. Our favourite part was learning about the ‘caganer’ often found in Catalonian nativities. This figure is often spotted in the middle of the scene crouching down ‘doing a poo’.  I think it is all about the humanness of Jesus – he is one of us. God in the everyday. Often ‘caganers’ are made to look like famous people so you can think who you would like to make yours look like. Suggestions please!

We struggled a bit with the Polish song which might have been easier if it was still in Polish. Hope to provide music next time folks. But apart from that it all seemed to work well and there was even good feedback which is rare in these parts!  Next week we will be looking at Africa (with Bishop Alan).

After church we sold some more leftovers from the Advent Fair so the total is rising. Thanks folks.

Car still frozen when I came out of church and had to scrape again. This is not funny.

Home to prepare for our weekly Advent evening meditations. (Had to de-ice car again on the way out.) Good turn out (18) for the meditations but I probably didn’t leave enough silence. Sorry folks. Will try harder next week.


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