Advent begins…

… at St Mark’s with the Advent Fair (Fayre?).  We had over 100 visitors through our doors and raised £1400+ for church funds.  Not bad considering how many other craft etc fairs there were in Portie. (At this time of year it can’t be avoided.)

There were Crafts and homemade cards, Nearly new, Tombola, Treasure Map, Books and Toys, Baking and Preserves, the Raffle for the most beautiful Christmas cake and knitted creature, and Antiques and Treasures. New layout in church which worked well and meant that those serving coffee didn’t risk scalding anyone which is always a good thing.

Of course the best thing about it all is working together and getting to know one another better. The 8.30am folk mixed happily with the 10.30am folk and made new friends. All good.

The really hard work is done in the days before and the hours after when our church is pulled apart and put back together again. Thank you to all who helped move furniture and moved tables. You know who you are. Thanks to all who contributed goodies. And thanks to A for organising it all.


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