Back to hospital yesterday for my check-up and all is well. There is a wee bit of inflammation and they didn’t get all the cataract out but if it grows back that can be treated with lasers. Sounds fun. But now I can drive which is really good news. I can see for miles and miles and the colours are just spectacular. And I can now read with a pair of specs from the chemist – strength 2.5 (much less than before). Can only read for 15 mins at a time and then have to rest.

So, what have I been watching on TV for the past week? Well, thank you for asking. Here is some of the list…

Father Ted (1st series) – always a joy.

Umpteen TV programmes which had been saved which included some WW1 stuff from Remembrance-tide.

Regeneration – for the second time, but a great movie.

The Last King of Scotland – didn’t think I would enjoy it but did.

The Kite Runner – sticks very closely to the book and wonderful themes of atonement.

2 thoughts on “Watching

  1. No need to fear the laser. My stepmother had her cataract done that way last spring, and I rang after the appointment to make sure she was OK. No answer…. worry… no answer… worry… When they finally responded, I learned they’d gone straight from the operation to brunch and a drive along the coast. All fixed. No need for recovery time.

  2. I can see clearly now & I can see for miles and miles – remind me of a couple of old songs – didnae ken they had been doing they operations for so long…..

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