Managed to get to church yesterday for our AGM. It was hard not being in control of it but Ian, the Vestry Secy, did a very good job and there were no questions, just thanks. Our report book ran into 24 pages this year so there is a lot going on at St Mark’s, and our giving has gone up by £10,000 (with another £7-8,000 to be claimed in tax through Gift Aid) which is just amazing really.

Son #1 has been staying with me supposedly looking after me, but I fear it has been the other way round. His essay is due today so I may get back to normal after that.

Dinner last night was spent at Raspberry Rabbit‘s who came and picked me up, despite the most horrendous traffic diversions, took me to Penicuik and brought me home again replete. It was a veritable feast and what a Christian thing to do! Oh, and the Bishop phoned to see if I was okay too which was a nice pastoral thing to have happen.

So, how are the eyes? Well they are still a bit bloodshot and today I am managing so far without the sunglasses. (But its only 7.30am!) The biggest problem is that I have no reading glasses to wear until I can get my eyes tested later this week. So this message was brought to you by a vivid pink sparkly pair of ready-readers and my nose 3 inches from the screen. But I can see perfectly as far as the eye can see. And all in glorious technicolour. A miracle!

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. > So, how are the eyes? Well they are still a bit bloodshot <

    Mother Ruth! I find it utterly impossible to imagine you with bloodshot eyes . . .

    Get well soon and lots of love.

    R xx

  2. Thanks Robin. Less bloodshot today and got the ok from the Eye Pavilion. There is a wee bit of irritation and they didn’t get all the cataract out (like last time) but that can be lasered if need be at a later date.

    And I can read again! Hurrah! Got some ready readers today and books are fine but computer screen is hazy. Ah well. At least I can read.

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