Eye Eye

This will be brief. The cataract is out! All went well. Today is painful and bright lights (like computer and tv screens) are too much.  Distance is all ok now but I will need reading specs. This message was brought to you by touch syping so forgive any mistakes!


14 thoughts on “Eye Eye

  1. What good news that it’s done and all going well. Look forward to seeing you racing around the diocese with renewed vigour.

  2. Glad to hear it is going well. I go to the dr’s at the end of the month to see if it is time to have mine done. I am both looking forward to it and uneasy at the same time. I am tired of the blurr.

  3. What wonderful news! Even though we have never met, I am so pleased for you and pray that your recovery may be completely successful.

    Hopefully your experience of moving from (almost) darkness to light will greatly enrich some of your future postings…

  4. Son #1 is here looking after me as I am not meant to do any heavy housework, bending, gardening etc. As I said to the nurse, ‘Do I look like the kind of woman who does heavy housework or gardening? I think not!’

    But Son #1, as you may remember, is the messiest child in Christendom so I have indeed spent the day doing heavy housework following his messy footsteps in case anyone comes to call.

    Can’t read yet so it was a day of TV catching up on recorded programmes. Today it is Father Ted day.

  5. if you have catch-up-tv, I recommend Silent Witness. we all missed ultreya this week to see it!
    go gently as your eyes accommodate this late november northern light

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