Remembrance Sunday

We remembered yesterday. And the children wrote the names of all those from St Mark’s who fell in the two world wars on little crosses and handed them out to people in the congregation to ‘plant’ on their way out.

Our mission now is to find out what we can about those men. Let’s gather the stories before its too late.

St Mark's Requiem Altar

St Mark

Remembrance poppies

Remembrance poppies

Remembrance at St Mark's

Remembrance at St Mark


9 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday

  1. Kimberly, St Mark’s was built in the 1820s (one of the first Piskie churches to be built in Edin Diocese after the repression of the penal laws that followed the Jacobite risings). It was built in a square villa-style with balconies on three sides. The legend is that there was not much confidence that it would last as a church so they built it like a house which could be easily converted if it didn’t last. The chancel was added 70 years later by which time, i guess, they thought it was there to stay. The sanctuary is the whole width of the church so is huge and sometimes I wander about in it like a lost soul!

  2. I am trying to trace a couple of relatives, my great uncle and SOH’s great uncle.. unfortunately on my side we have a lack of knowledge and a lack of people to ask.. the census release of 1901 was a help, but now I need to progress it further. I just feel it is important not to lose touch.

  3. Sage, I recommend It’s a subscription service, but you can pay for a month at a time to try it out. In addition to birth, marriage and death records, it has links to army records. Good luck

  4. If you are a relative of someone who served in the forces you can ask for a copy of their military record. my father in law died 30 years ago and we did not know which of the services he was with, just that he had been near a concentration camp during WWII. we found he was in the army and read all about his postings during the war and it helped to shed light on the man whose experince had such an effect on him. from a member of the royal artillary he left after the war and became a priest. I hope you find the stories of those who gave their lives and are connected with St Marks its so important that we do not forget.
    I am a member of Genes reunited and that is a good web site for finding family.

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