Clergy and Elephants

Just back from our 3-day Clergy Conference in Pitlochry. There is nowhere quite as beautiful as Pitlochry at this time of year and as usual I forgot my camera. But trust me when I say the trees were just beautiful and the wispy mists added to the spectacle.

As for the conference… what can I say? This year we didn’t have an outside speaker and hoped to cover the Lambeth aftermath, the Covenant, Children’s Ministry, and clergy wellness. Well we did touch on all of those things and more. The elephant in the room kept threatening to stampede us all but somehow it didn’t. Or perhaps it did but not in the way we expected.

I don’t really feel that I want to blog about the conference as I am still trying to process it myself. But I am left with the feeling that we need to support and love one another more.

And we could have done with more time with Morag on Children’s stuff. She brought sweeties and teenage magazines and we had such fun. And lots of ideas for the dreaded Family Service.


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