PAT Testing

Are we the only church in the SEC who has to go through the annual PAT testing? We at St Mark’s have a very efficient Vestry and our ‘Property Boss’ keeps us up to date with Health and Safety legislation, Fire Drills, annual Inventory checks, etc etc. It’s just that I never hear of other clergy doing these things.

Yesterday was the annual PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) so while we celebrated the Holy Mysteries downstairs in the Crypt Chapel the man with the yellow box stomped about upstairs checking all our appliances. Then he came downstairs while we had coffee and a blether. Even my laptop was checked and given a sticker.

Usually after our Thursday service I have a cuppa and a blether and then scoot off to do other priestly things. What I didn’t know was that those who do the coffee sit and put the world to rights until about lunchtime. Yesterday I got to add my tuppence worth and very interesting it was too.


4 thoughts on “PAT Testing

  1. Was it only tuppence worth?? Now you know what you have been missing, can we assume that your Thursday priestly duties will now be moved on in the day so that you and your Thursday flock can continue to keep the world on the right track. Let’s face, it at this time the world needs all the help it can get – now must get back to these markets!

  2. Does your property boss do consultancy??

    Seriously, I’m just in the process of trying to encourage someone in the congregation to become the resident expert on the Disabilities Act (didn’t happen in 2005/6 when it should have, so I am trying to pick it up now), Health & Safety, and other sorts of legal compliance. But I’m sure we’ll miss things through collective ignorance. If your expert would be willing to have a conversation saying ‘these are the things you should be thinking about’ it would save much stress and labour.

  3. Oh, so that’s what PAT stands for!
    We have an annual PAT test at the Royal Infirmary, although they test anything with a plug, ‘portable’ or not – so maybe it’s the testing that’s portable, rather than the appliances.

  4. Never thought about it Kirstine, but I guess you are right. I don’t suppose our organ console could ever be considered portable.

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