Virgin misbehaving

Like Madpriest I rely on Virgin for my email and for the past 48 hours they seem to be having problems. So if you have sent emails and had them returned please try again. Or if you have sent an email and I haven’t replied it is because they are now coming in in dribs and drabs and out of date order.

I was going to say if it’s urgent, you can always phone… but don’t today because it is my day off. Having said that I spent the day at a Crisis in Ministry course but such is the way of days off. Now I am home and going to read a book.


5 thoughts on “Virgin misbehaving

  1. Oh thank goodness it’s not just me that’s having problem with Virgin!!! I always worry when my email begins to play up as I rely on it for sending off CVs etc and I dread missing a reply from someone I’ve applied to.

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