Architects, holy people and loads of laughs

Spent the morning with the architect at church looking at our dodgy ceiling. The good news is that it is not about to fall down on our heads like Chicken Licken. The bad news is that it does need some repairs and redecorated soon. And Hyterical Scotland don’t care what colour we paint it. Hmm. I was thinking indigo with stars.

Spent the afternoon with my Spiritual Director which is always a good thing. And bless him if he didn’t give me a gorgeous purple tablecloth and napkins from Zanzibar.

Then it was a quick dash back to Edinburgh through some beautiful countryside (yes, I can appreciate the changing colours of trees and country things from the inside of my car).

Then it was off to the Royal British Hotel (on the bus – which didn’t turn up for hours) to join the French Fahrters for our reunion. Bruce put together an incredible show with photos galore and hilarious captions. In future I shall beware that man with a camera.  And our next trip in 2010 will be to Barcelona. I can’t wait.

And today its Holy Mysteries, Queenie’s funeral and then Diocesan Synod. Oh, and I got a new date for my cataract op – 12 November – so not too long a wait. I could even have had it done a week earlier but who would miss the Clergy Conference?


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