Ah! those halcyon days

From the archives of Hawick Today

ST CUTHBERT’S Scottish Episcopal Church intends to buy a new lawn mower – with cigarette coupons.
Over 9000 coupons have already been saved, but Mrs Pamela Robertson, wife of the Rev. Edward Robertson, needs another 6000 before she can send for the mower.

Can you picture poor Pamela and the rest of the MU sitting at the back of church puffing away frantically whilst counting their coupons?

6 thoughts on “Ah! those halcyon days

  1. Do you get cigarette coupons still? I’ve still got a parker pen I got from Lambert & Butler many, many years ago… must be more than 25 years as I gave up smoking in 1982!
    I’ve got some books of pink stamps and green shield stamps, do you think they are any use? 🙂

  2. No, Sall, they stopped doing them years ago because they were deemed to be encouraging people to smoke. My first hairdryer came from ciggy coupons but it is no more.

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