Hurrah for St Teresa

Today we remember in our prayers St Teresa of Avila. What a dame! A thinker, a visionary, a theologian, a writer, a flirt and a Carmelite. A flirt? Yes, as a young girl she loved romantic stories, dressing up and flirting. I like to think she never lost that part of her personality.

Here she is in a moment of ecstasy…

The ecstasy of St Theresa

The ecstasy of St Theresa


11 thoughts on “Hurrah for St Teresa

  1. I just love the way her feet ….y look at how they point and her fingers outstretched… oh I wonderful

    I once asked my spiritual director when i was young and foolish how i could achive this kind of ecstasy through prayer as i seemed to be lacking such chemistry…. the dear old wise nun said such experince seemed to be only for a few and they also experinced extremes of darkness / tortured souls ect. so i said i would stick to the bog standard common worship.

    but oh just once to feel such exhillartion !!!!!

  2. I find myself hopeful that this thread is going to turn into a feminist commentary on the dominance of the visual in masculine perceptions of the world vs the paradox of one person being able to experience diverse multiple perceptions of both reality and unreality.

  3. Well, that goes without saying.

    However I have been pondering Jo Ind’s words: ‘In my book the terms ‘heterosexual’ and ‘homosexual’ have a place, but no more than terms like ‘visualsexual’, ‘audiosexual’, ‘cerebralsexual’ or ‘tits’n’bumssexual’. I wonder whether St Terese isn’t experiencing them all.

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