Looking forward to Christmas

Good day at church yesterday. Numbers up again after the holiday dearth. (Dearth? is that the right word?)

Prayers arising for P’s mum who has had a little heart attack. Reminded me how hard it is to get to speak to someone who resembles a doctor when our loved ones are in hospital. I think there is a pact amongst them that when it comes to visiting time they all agree to run away and hide so that you can’t find out anything. They just don’t seem to realise how worrying it is to have a loved one in hospital.

But we did have some good news yesterday. K is pregnant and due on Christmas Day. That could mean a live bambino for the crib. Yeah!

5 thoughts on “Looking forward to Christmas

  1. Oooh, that would be so cool, Kimberly.

    And tell me more, Pete. Sounds intriguing. What’s the worst that could happen?

  2. The way to get to see a doctor is to be one. I believe this works even if you are not a doctor of medicine: dig out that Ph.D. or D.D. and announce yourself as Doctor Whatever when asking for attention – another doctor comes running and you’ve got more information than you need before they twig you don’t actually know a patella from a tibia.

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