Bishop Gene Robinson is welcome in Scotland

You may have heard of Bishop Gene Robinson. He is a good and caring priest but that’s not why he is famous. Bishop Gene is famous (and ostracised) because he is a gay man in a loving and committed relationship. For those outwith church circles, like my children and their friends, this is not a big deal. “So what?” they say. But for some in the church it is a big deal and for his honesty he has been at the centre of a furore about sexuality and religion for some time now. And as a result of his honesty he has been not been invited to the forthcoming Lambeth Conference.

There have been gay priest and gay bishops for a long time in the church. But for many years the only way they could continue in their vocation was to live a lie. Times have changed and now more and more of these pastoral caring men and women have come out of their priestly closets. After all, living a lie can’t be good for your soul or the souls of those in your pastoral care, can it? In Scotland we are fortunate that most gay clergy are able to live open and full lives with the support of their bishops. This is not the case, however, in all of the Anglican Communion.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has not invited Bishop Gene to Lambeth and has forbidden any church in the CofE to even have him preach. Thankfully, in Scotland we are more enlightened. There will be two opportunities to hear Bishop Gene in August in Scotland. First, he will preach at St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow on 3 August – check out Kelvin’s blog here for his announcement. And then he will be in conversation with Rev John Armes at the Festival of Spirituality and Peace on 4 August.

Our sincere prayers and thanks to the bishops and clergy who have made these invitations possible.

2 thoughts on “Bishop Gene Robinson is welcome in Scotland

  1. Now if any radical academics with influence read this, could someone get +Gene a preachers licence from thje University of Cambridge. Like Alec Vidler had. With this the ABC has no power to stop you preaching anywhere in Englandshire!

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