Day 1 at Synod

First day over and noboby came to blows so that’s good. Raspberry Rabbit was roaming around with a microphone so you had to be pretty nimble to avoid him. As I was sitting behind him I was just a tad nervous about making comments sotto voce just in case he picked them up. that made the naughty corner the most quiet I’ve ever known.

The Edinburgh amendment to the St Andrew’s Covenant went through and you can read all about it on Mother K‘s website or on the SEC one.

Lots of canons to deal with and a bit of attention seeking behaviour from the other Mother K and Fr K. (And no, your name doesn’t have to begin with K to be a member of synod.)

Membership on the cards for today. How do you get to be a member of our churches? The Charity regulations tell us that we need to have a strict membership role but some of us have been a bit more fluid about it all. I like fluid.

More later…

10 thoughts on “Day 1 at Synod

  1. I’m with fluid too but do you mean membership “role”, “rule” or “roll”?

    And fluidity has its downside – when you want to decide who has a say in church affairs is it the members who turn up all the time, those who turn up sometimes or those who are just on the roll?

  2. Agatha, I meant roll but in my defence I ws typing in the middle of synod on my phone with tiny wee buttons and a lot of distraction.

    And if they come to church, give them all a say, I say.

  3. Ruth, I only asked because all three possible versions made some sense. You aren’t one of these people with a Crackberry are you?

  4. Any items on the agenda to be debated on closing of theological places of learning. was sure you had said it had been passed in the dim and distant and yet it still exists… have a good synod !!

  5. Agatha, its actually a Palm Treo. and all because I hate texting with limited keys. Now I have a whole keyboard of tiny little keys.

  6. It wasn’t attention seeking it was conscientious voting … well it was on my part. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

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