That’s twice this week I have had to eject a dopey wasp from my study mid morning. No sound of it before 10.30am and then suddenly it appears at the french windows (closed). Those who know me will know I am not a lover of buzzy things (or fluttery round lights things).

Where the heck are they coming from? How the heck do they get in when I am a paranoic window closer? Why do they just wake up at 10.30am?

5 thoughts on “Wasps

  1. I had just read this. Ten minutes later, in my bedroom (aargh – my bedroom) I found a massive wasp hovering on the window. Not good.

  2. These are queens emerging from hibernation. The timing has to do with the rise in ambient temperature by mid-morning. Apologies for the pedantry.

    You may not wish to kill one of God’s creatures, but if you do, you will be reducing the population this summer by about 3,000, which may help to prevent them becoming a nuisance in July and August.

  3. I found throwing the can of cockroach killer at the cockroaches worked well and was better for the environment than spraying them… not to be recommended if the offending insect is on the window however.
    I am enjoying having much smaller buzzy things in Edinburgh than I was experiencing last week!
    BTW Ruth, The cat survived my trip away so you may wish to come ready medicated on Monday!

  4. Welcome home, Sally. Yes, I do feel guilty complaining about a measly wasp when you have been facing much worse but its all in context. I wouldn’t even go where you have been! My hero!

    Will bring antihistamine.

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