Santa Caterina

St Catherine’s Feast today. I’m a big fan ever since I saw her head in a cage in Siena.

St Catherine of Siena

Haven’t got a pic of her fingertip but I saw it there too. I think her heart is under the church somewhere and the rest of her in Rome. She was certainly some dame.

Here’s a wee prayer I got in Siena:

O Catherine, most powerful Saint, neither the heart of sinners, nor Heaven itself were able to resist your burning faith, your words and your insistent prayers.

As in times past, so today, may we feel the strength of your intercession for the bringing of peace to all nations, liberty to those oppressed by injustices and adversities of every kind, comfort and health to those who are ill in mind and body.

Pray for the peace of the entire world, the unity and faithfulness of the people of God to its supreme Pastor, and for the good of our Country.

And remember me who trustingly invokes your aid, knowing that you never abandon in their difficulties those who consider you Mother and Guide.  Amen.

St Catherine of Siena holding a lily

One thought on “Santa Caterina

  1. that is such a fab photo !!! one day you will have to show my relics… in Oct.. will look on your blog!! you can see why pilgrims travelled for miles to see her and saints out on show. modern churches with power point, screens and overhead projectors can not compete with this…. I once went all he way to germany on a bus trip with pensioner’s off the christmas markets … it was painfull.. but i then escaped and went to see the relics of St. Hildegard and then off to see the relics of the Magi… what a treat !!!

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