Edinburgh Servers make noises in the nave

Last night some Edinburgh altar servers got together for a Quiz Night at St Mark’s Portobello. All servers were invited and a good crowd arrived to take part. (If you weren’t invited speak to your priest or Head Server because they didn’t let you know!)

Now we all know that altar servers are the epitome of decency and decorum when they are in the Sanctuary. Swishing about in cassocks or albs, hands pressed together, bobbing at the Blessed Sacrament, adept at candle control, and always with BLACK shoes. But let me tell you, when you let them out of the Sanctuary they really let their hair down. What a rowdy lot!

We had to split up churches because some didn’t have enough for a team of four – and Old St Paul’s had enough to take over the church. But it was a good way of getting to know one another.

Questions (compiled by me) covered Altar Serving, Saints in Art, Churchy things, Who’s Who in the SEC, The Diocese and an extra round on Edinburgh City. (If you want to do something with your church you are welcome to the questions – just email me or comment below.)

A great night and barely a black shoe to be seen.

8 thoughts on “Edinburgh Servers make noises in the nave

  1. Note to Alison – we tried a few times over the last year to get the name and address of your prior, but without success!
    Let us have the information and we’ll put them on the list! (servers@osp.org.uk) How many servers do you have, then?

  2. Nigel, I emailed Sheena to let her know. I think I am right in saying that Joan Richardson (wife of Canon Prof John) is Head Server but don’t have an address.

  3. nice to see you too! thanks for hosting the welcome back!
    If I were going to the General Synod lunch on 13th June (which I’m not) I would say that attendance at a cursillo weekend is compulsory for all deacons, priets and bishops in the SEC. Attendance at servers’ gatherings is a lesser feast, but I will mention it to Joan when I see her, fear not, Nigel!

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