Canonball Sunday

Yes, I know it’s not Low Sunday today but someone was heard to mutter that it was like Canonball Sunday. Why Canonball? Because you could fire a canonball through the church and it wouldn’t hit anyone.

Sunday School excelled themselves and you might have guessed that someone had been at the Science Fair for we had experiments galore. We had apples dropped from a great height, balloons causing hair to stand on end, magnets doing their thing, lemons powering a watch, and pickled cabbage juice which changed from pink to purple to blue and back again. It was a tense moment as it rose up the vase. And the point of it all?  That we don’t have to see something/one for it to have an effect. Excellent stuff. All agreed it was better than my sermon.

7 thoughts on “Canonball Sunday

  1. It’s been a good couple of weeks for Sunday school stuff that vaguely follows the lectionary but is good fun.

    And it is not just enjoyed by the children…I’ve had the congregation wanting to join the Sunday School so they can do this kind of thing!

    Maybe that is what a “family service” is??

  2. Yes, Morag, and I think in future I am going to hand the sermon slot on Family Service Sunday to the Sunday School. Or else come to one of your courses!!

  3. Dear Ruth

    May be there is something to be learnt from the Sunday school interest.

    I’m thinking of my own vicar who is frankly facinating not necessarily in himself rather his attitude.

    A low Sunday is a packed church, a popular Sunday gets very cosy.

    What’s the secret? Answer: Fun. Just like your Sunday school.

    He uses indoor kids fireworks and any possible appropriate means to involve the children. Anything that makes the connection between Jesus’s time and message and the totally different life we live today. Anything that makes the kids laugh and the rest of the congregation belly laugh, almost rolling in the isles.

    This is not boring religion it is real life.

    Get the science and get rid of the cannon.

    You do not have to be a comedian, just think like children.

    The force be with you.


  4. Well, she says modestly, my congregation have been known to roll in the aisles at some of my Family Services. And, she says defensively, we have almost trebled the numbers since I came. It’s all relative, huh?

    And they love it most when the science goes wrong. Like the magic towel that didn’t expand in water like it was meant to and took about 10 minutes of poking and cajoling before it grew. I was soaked by then!

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