And the crowds sang Hosanna!

Palm Sunday at St Mark’s Portobello left me giddy with emotional exhaustion and wanting just to blog ‘I believe’.

The children were taught how to sign ‘Jesus died for me’ and then gathered up their musical instruments to bang or toot or ring or shout as we processed to Ride on Ride on in Majesty and All Glory Laud and Honour. (Yes last year I learned that one processional hymn was not enough.)

The dramatic Passion narrative was read by Eric, young Andrew and Jenny and they made a wonderful job of it too. I know I was not alone in being really moved by it.  The Passiontide hymns were some of my favourites and each one a sermon in themselves.

And finally, can I just tell you, dear people in Blogland, we had over 90 people in St Mark’s yesterday. And that warmed my heart too.

5 thoughts on “And the crowds sang Hosanna!

  1. We had thirteen which is somehow appropriate for Passiontide. (Before you think what a paltry number, please remember that this is almost 10% of the village population, and that there will have been a similar number leaving the village to attend RC and Methodist churches in nearby towns.)

  2. We did pretty well too! My clarinet had an outing for the processional.

    I’ll feel better once I’m on the way with the weeks preaching, though.

  3. When I first came here 2 years ago, there were about 20 folk on Sundays. Hence, the rejoicing!

    And Moyra, you’ll be fine. As someone very wise said to me recently, do it with integrity and that’s all you have to do.

  4. Preach to myself usually works pretty well, too! (A Brother who’s preaching is excellent told me that one!)

    It seems to have gone down well, and I’m a lot happier about tomorrow night’s readings, anyway.

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