Clergy appreciation month

It would appear that in the USA October is Clergy Appreciation Month. I suspect it may have been started by Hallmark but the Christian bookstores promote it also. People are encouraged to send a wee note of appreciation to their priest/minister. Some churches take their priest out for a meal, some buy them a car, some send them on a cruise!

The problem seems to be that not all congregations know about it and clergy feel it would be unseemly to point it out to them. You can see why! However, I have no such qualms!! I shall be penning a wee billet doux to my home parish priest today…

6 thoughts on “Clergy appreciation month

  1. When friends came from the States for my ordination, one of them brought the most stunning ‘Clergy appreciation’ card. Mind you, she’s lucky enough to live within walking distance of a scale reproduction of Lourdes with a what-more-could-you-want gift shop. In fact, the only things you can walk to from her house are a baseball diamond, mini-Lourdes, and a good ice cream shop.

  2. Bishop Brian mentioned it at our Synod last night and I was attacked by the Dean for not saying November was Clergy Appreciation Month. He reckoned there wasn’t enough time left in Oct!

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