The ups and downs of ministry

It has been a weird week. One of these weeks when your emotions go from high to low within a matter of minutes. A week of sorrow and joy: preparing for a funeral of a much-loved friend and rejoicing when one of my little flock finally got home after a long stay in hospital. It has also been a week of listening and feeling frustrated that I can’t do more. And a week when I was deeply hurt by exclusion.

The ups and downs of ministry are sometimes a joy and sometimes a pain. You just expect better from colleagues.

Enough said. Time to move on and send Lou to her final resting place. Time to prepare for the Children’s mission tomorrow. My little flock have worked so hard transforming the church into a world where fair trade would make everything so much better. I think we should keep the palm trees.

4 thoughts on “The ups and downs of ministry

  1. And a week when I was deeply hurt by exclusion.
    Oh, Ruth. At least give us a bit more information. You’re teasing.
    Or is it simply a matter of you being turned down for the first 15, yet again!

  2. A couple of weeks ago I was deeply hurt by exclusion, probably quite different circumstances to yours, but the effects are similar. Horrible. I’m glad the nature of ministry is to take a deep breath, move on, and deal with the next situation…
    Love and prayers, Frances

  3. Yes, I am teasing but they know who they are. Best not to delve too deeply. I shall do that face to face.

    And I dont think I was ever chosen for the first 15. Always the one left on the sidelines! But heh, I have other gifts!!

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