A day to remember

Congratulations this morning to Mr & Mrs McKenzie as they begin their married life together. It was a glorious wedding – everyone said so! I take no credit for this. K & K chose all the parts of the liturgy themselves with great care and attention. Hymns were chosen, not because they were old familiar tunes, but because the words fitted their feelings.

Mrs K McK looked absolutely stunning in a little Italian number. And I mean stunning, and not just because she looked so chic but because she exuded joy from every pore. And Mr K McK looked calm and assured in his wee tartan number. Never have I heard vows made with such passion and assurity.

A great turnout too with one stunning hat and endless fascinators. (I want one!)  The ivory and turquoise theme was classy and the Glasgow Cross appeared time and time again. It was a wedding for friends and by friends, from the invitations to the cake and flowers – all services offered by friends.

Blessings on K & K, their families and friends.

PS there was only one mistake… ok, make that two. The first made by me when I forgot to switch off my mike when I was wrestling with the piper just before the service. And the second when I proclaimed them ‘now drowned in marriage’. Drowned? Drowned in love was what I meant!

15 thoughts on “A day to remember

  1. We felt proud to be members of St Mark’s on Saturday, and happy to welcome so many friends from other churches. Don’t weddings bring out the best in people! From the hat.

  2. Kimberly, I am not altogether sure that a fascinator can be worn with a dog collar. Although now I think about it, it could become the female version of the biretta. Black and white would be good. Or seasonal colours?

  3. You know how it is… you have a rehearsal and the musicians aren’t present. You are told the piper will come in to the church when the bride arrives and play Highland Cathedral. So you tell the organist that as soon as the piper is finished I will get them on their feet and he should launch into Here Comes the Bride or whatever it was.

    Then what does the piper do? He starts to play at the car when the bride gets out. Folk in the church can hear it vaguely but the organist is not sure when to start. The doors are shut so that the groom can’t see the bride until the right moment. So I have to leap up the aisle gazelle-like, through the doors and wrestle with the piper to either shut up or come in. (We were on the 4th verse of HCathedral by this point.) Perhaps ‘wrestle’ was an exaggeration. Frosty look might be better. Then I told the bride that I’d come in and get them to their feet and when the organ started she should come on down. But when I opened the door they were already on their feet, having heard every word!

  4. my advice… I always tell folk getting married about these extras..be they pipers or photographer’s don’t be a late bride for your service – if you are late i will cut the music out of your wedding and it will be silent affair. Do not keep me waiting. it always works and i scare these folk. then they are always on time and they have passed a message to the piper or photographer the vicar is mega scary and has said she will stop my hymns and i will walk down the aisle in silence so i want to be on time……
    as for hair bits, i will stick to be biretta although what is name of the little back (or white/red/purple) skull cap,. nice with a but of a feather ?? maybe ??

  5. I was blinking at the thought of this wrestling match and fisticuffs with the priest and piper…

    I have far too vivid an imagination, obviously!

    But, yes, I know exactly how it is with rehearsals and not all relevant parties being there…

    I played for a funeral where a whole band and singing group appeared fifteen minutes before we were due to start and I ended up playing just the one hymn out of the five, with their obviously reluctant permission. Neither the vicar or I had any idea this was going to happen… we agreed rapidly we’d go with the flow on this one! Lucky I’m not a temperamental organist!

  6. Mother Therese, I think the skull cap is called a Zuchetta, or is it Zucchini? But hats flattern hairdo’s. That’s the beauty of a fascinator. Big hair and a decoration.

    and yes, you are very scary!

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