Blogging hiccup

Sorry there hasn’t been much on the blogging front this week but I have been ensconced in stuffy rooms in end-to-end meetings regarding the mission and ministry of our wee church. Are you interested in all that? I suspect not.

Today I am going to a training course on Managing Teams which might be fun and useful and might not. I’ll let you know.

Tomorrow is meant to be my day off and then Saturday is Doors Open Day so I shall be pretty busy all day. So I wonder if anyone out there would like to write a sermon or two for me please for Sunday? A short one for the 8.30am gang (elderly and traditional) and then a normal sized one for the 10.30am hoardes (young and vibrant) would be gratefully received.

Oh, and in the midst of Saturday’s Open Day I am also planning on visiting my old dad and his brother and wife who only come up once a year. And of course, I still have to create a Quiz Night for next week, and a Choral Evensnog bookie.

What do you reckon? Will I make it? Check in to see…

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