How much does it cost to dig a grave?

St M’s has its own graveyard. It is quite lovely and if I didn’t have a family plot to go into when that time comes, I wouldn’t mind settling there for eternity. Lovely tree-lined avenue, well kept grass and some interesting headstones. Tomorrow, for the first time, I shall be interring someone in said graveyard. It occurred to me that I had no idea who dug the hole. I do my own for ashes, but who does it for full size coffins?

Turns out it is the local Council graveyard who come along with their digging machine to do it. And guess how much they charge? £950!!! Now if I thought some nice muscly gravediggers were getting some of that I wouldn’t mind. But I bet the man with the scoop ain’t getting £950, that’s for sure. Blimey, I’d dig it myself for that.

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