Frank Weston, Bishop of Zanzibar

Well I think Bishop of Zanzibar has to be the best title a bishop can have, don’t you?

In the midst of the big clear-up yesterday I came across this quote from the aforementioned Bishop of Zanzibar. When I first read this I can remember it had a profound affect on me. At that time I was very preciously adoring Jesus in his Tabernacle. And I ended up working with young homeless people.

I reckon its worth repeating again…

‘But I say to you, and I say it with all the earnestness that I have, if you are prepared to fight for the right of adoring Jesus in His Blessed Sacrament, then, when you come out from before your tabernacles, you must walk with Christ, mystically present in you, through the streets of this country, and find the same Christ in the peoples of your cities and villages. You cannot claim to worship Jesus in the tabernacles if you do not pity Jesus in the slum… It is folly, it is madness, to suppose that you can worship Jesus in the sacrament and Jesus on the throne of glory, when you are sweating HIm in the bodies and souls of His children… You have your Mass, you have your altars, you have begun to get your tabernacles. Now go out into the highways and hedges, and look for Jesus in the ragged and the naked, in the oppressed and the sweated, in those who have lost hope, and in those who are struggling to make good. Look for Jesus in them; and, when you have found HIm, gird yourself with His towel of fellowship and wash His feet in the person of His brethren.’

Frank Weston, Bishop of Zanzibar
1923 Anglo-Catholic Congress

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