The Quest

Here’s a little warning for any clergy out there about to perform a wedding or two. Last night at the rehearsal for today’s wedding the happy couple handed me the Licence which was accompanied by a letter. It would appear that all the signatures have now to be done in permanent ink.

In the past I have always used a nice fountain pen or even a gel-ink pen and much as I am tempted I never use purple. No problem, I thought. I shall go to WH Smith’s (which we are meant to be boycotting by the way) early in the morning and get some lawyer’s ink. Arrived at WH Smith’s at 9am only to find a sign saying that they don’t open until 10am. Nothing else for it but to wander round Kinnaird Park looking for other shops which might have pens or ink but to no avail.

Back to aforementioned shop and despite rows of pen and ink there didn’t appear to be any of the permanent kind. I asked an assitant who looked at me as if I had requested a pen filled with blue cheese. Most of the bottles of Quink said they were washable, as did most of the cartridges. Found one packet that didn’t say washable but didnt say permanent either. Have settled for that in the hope that it will be many years before it becomes invisible, by which time I will be long gone.

Now, I’d better go marry them. It’s a bishop’s daughter, by the way, so we want to make sure it’s done right.

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