Glorious technicolour

Some time ago Son #2 gave me a digital camera and apart from being unable to take straight photographs, I have enjoyed snapping away. The only problem is that I now have files of photos on the computer but no actual photographs to share with others. I’ve been thinking of buying a photo printer for a while and yesterday the all-in-one Epson Stylus Photo RX560 arrived in all its glory.

Why did I choose this one? Well I had a look at it in a shop and the salesman told me it was the best because you can buy the colour cartridges on their own and they are cheaper but give better colour. Or something. And the reviews on Amazon were all very good too. It photocopies, scans, prints in colour, prints photos (by copying, improving, or direct from the camera or phone) and it even prints on to CDs.

It was pretty easy to set up and after a few hiccups I even managed to print some photos too. The quality was astounding.

I will still use my faithful laser printer for everyday use, but now I can do colour posters and all that jazz for the church.

But now I really do need to do something about tidying my study and rearranging the furniture to accommodate all this hardware. Fr K, if you are reading this… you did promise to lend a hand! Maybe next week…?

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