Pectin is a carbohydrate!

Some time ago we put out a questionnaire to my little flock to see what kind of events they would like. Interestingly, religion wasn’t really up there in the top 3. But ever one to give the people what they want, last night we had a Quiz Night. And what a success it was! There were 13 teams of 4 (one of 3) and competition was fierce. Any brotherly or sisterly love which might have existed after my masterpiece of a sermon on Sunday morning was long gone by the time Round 1 was over.

Congratulations to Mike’s Martyrs who won by half a point, and then very generously shared the prize with the Joppa Geriatrics. And commiserations to Cantata who came last but graciously washed the wine glasses after. Cries were heard for a repeat performance so it looks like it might be a bi-monthly event.

Interestingly, there were 3 clergy there (no names given!) and none of them were the ones to get 10 out of 10 for the Religion Round.

And yes, Pectin IS a carbohydrate. Thank you to all those who went home and Googled just to find out that I was right after all!

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