Christmas lunch

Yesterday the Portobello clergy had their Christmas lunch at Select in Portobello. (Great restaurant, btw) Our reasoning for having the Christmas lunch in May is that we don’t have time at Christmas what with all the cribs and midnight services and all that jazz.

Discussions ranged from cycling to hospital visiting (no parking costs) to how clergy can take time off when they have a family.

We also discussed how you wake up a visitee in hospital who is sleeping. How many shoogles is polite? Is nipping allowed? Is the length of time spent in attempting wake-up in direct proportion to the hassles you’ve had in getting there: finding a parking space; spending vast quantities of cash in the over-priced shop getting a sweetie/mag/drink; and then walking 4 miles to a ward only to find they were moved to another one and having to retrace your steps for another 2 miles? And then when you can’t waken them (but have checked they are breathing) and realise you have left your “I called but you were out” cards in the car/saddle-bag do you leave a message written on a paper towel knowing that someone will pop it in the bin as soon as you have left? And then the family will tell everyone within earshot that the priest never visits.

It’s a tough life.

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