Christian unity?

We at St M’s kicked off the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity yesterday. We have a trad eucharist on Thursdays so that’s what we did yesterday. I invited everyone to receive and everyone did, which was jolly nice and cosy.

But is it really Christian Unity when we still can’t sit at the table of our sisters and brothers in the RC Church?

Which reminded me of a comment a sister made about the ordination of women in the RC church:
‘We can cut the sandwiches but we can’t break the bread.’

And that made me think of a quote long long ago, before the ordination of women, when a deacon stood up at a meeting and proclaimed:
‘I can’t absolve. I can’t perform marriages. I can’t consecrate the elements at the Eucharist. I can’t bless. I can’t even anoint the sick because I haven’t got a penis!’
A male priest was heard to mutter:
‘I use a thumb myself.’

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