Oh happy Lent

My second day on the job and so far I have presided at three masses – 2 for Ash Wednesday (not well attended) and one this morning which was very well attended. I am having to get used to using the Grey Book again (1970 Liturgy) and trying to remember the words when I turn from an eastward facing altar. I hope noboby spotted me birling in a complete circle at one point yesterday morning!

I am planning on re-ordering the church sanctuary after last night’s service. The sedilia was moved back into a corner which I discovered was too dark and miles away from the people for the Liturgy of the Word. Its all very well creating a sense of mystery but when you can’t see the people and they can’t see you then it’s not much good. I ended up wandering about in front of the altar and it really was quite messy.

Great crowd this morning though and we had a laugh over coffee after the service. Remembering names is my next task. Oh how I wish everyone wore name badges for the first six months!

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